DASGIP® Bioblock Stirrer Vessels

Image – DASGIP Bioblock Stirrer Vessels
Image – DASGIP Bioblock Stirrer Vessels

Lab space is critical: In combination with the Eppendorf DASGIP Bioblock Stirrer Vessels for microbial applications the DASGIP Bioblock provides a user–friendly solution for individual temperature control in up to four bioreactors with minimum space requirements and easy handling. At the same time, scalable design and extensive control options enable reproducible results. More information

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Eppendorf offers a line of advanced autoclavable stirrer vessels suitable for temperature control with the compact DASGIP Bioblock. These overhead-driven stirrer vessels feature a stainless steel head plate with standard ports and Rushton-type impellers. Covering a working volume range of 200 mL – 1.8 L they are perfectly suited for microbial research and process development.


  • Working volumes ranging from 200 mL – 1.8 L
  • Direct overhead drives with 100 – 1,600 rpm (30 – 1,250 rpm optional), Rushton-type impellers
  • Industry-standard sensors available for precise monitoring and control of temperature, pH, DO, redox potential, level, and OD


  • Advanced temperature control with the DASGIP Bioblock
  • Microbial research and process development
  • Parallel small scale fermentation of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeasts and fungi
 1 L1.5 L1.8 L
Standard set-upDASGIP BioblockDASGIP BioblockDASGIP Bioblock
Dimensions (W × D × H)110 × 150 × 500 mm110 × 150 × 570 mm110 × 150 × 610 mm
Working volume (total)200 mL – 1.0 L (1.3 L)400 mL – 1.5 L (1.8 L)400 mL – 1.8 L (2.1 L)
Material vessel1GlassGlassGlass
Head plateStainless steel, screw capStainless steel, screw capStainless steel, screw cap
Head plate ports1x M30, 7x Pg 13.5, 1x thermowell1x M30, 7x Pg 13.5, 1x thermowell1x M30, 7x Pg 13.5, 1x thermowell
DriveDirect overhead driveDirect overhead driveDirect overhead drive
Impellers2x Rushton-type2x Rushton-type3x Rushton-type
Recommended agitation speed100 – 1,600 rpm100 – 1,600 rpm100 – 1,600 rpm
Gas supplySpargerSpargerSparger
Monitoring and Control   
Sensor length220 mm220 mm320 mm
Temperature sensorPt100 RTDPt100 RTDPt100 RTD
Exhaust condensationWater-cooledWater-cooledWater-cooled
1PC = Polycarbonate, PS = Polystyrene