Image – DASGIP Impellers
Image – DASGIP Impellers
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DASGIP Impellers & Shafts in different sizes meet specific stirring requirements in cell culture and microbiology.


  • Rushton-type, pitched-blade and marine impellers for microbiology and cell culture
  • Various sizes and shaft lengths available
 6-Blade Rushton-Type Impeller, stainless-steel781005766-Blade Rushton-Type Impeller, stainless-steel3-Blade Impeller, 30° pitch, stainless steel3-Blade Impeller, 30° pitch, stainless steel
Diameter outer (O.D.)46 mm50 mm30 mm30 mm50 mm
Inner diameter (I.D.)8 mm10 mm5 mm5 mm8 mm